How social mobility impedes close relationships
Managing emotions—the forest fire management analogy

Modern society decoupled obtaining basic necessities from strong social relationships

The third way in which modern society has made it more difficult to maintain strong social relationships is that we’ve made it possible to get a job, earn money, and use that money for the basics (food, shelter, clothing…) without needing to have more than a superficial ability to interact with others. It makes sense that at least some people will choose to avoid “bad’ feelings like sadness, disappointment, guilt and shame. In society today, it’s entirely possible to live such a superficial life, meeting the bottom two levels of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs without truly having Love & Belonging, Self Esteem or Self Actualization.

I’m not saying the solution is to go back to our tribal roots. But it is something we all need to be aware of to ensure we have an emotionally healthy population. Surviving is much different than thriving. And in order to truly thrive, people need to learn how to have healthy social connections.


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