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You must first “consider the possibility” before change can happen

Change is difficult, especially when it involves our core beliefs. It is human nature to identify ourselves with our beliefs. But by doing so, we make changing our minds exponentially harder. I empathize with those in that scenario. It can feel like you will lose your existence if you let go of your ingrained beliefs.

What worked for me was to consider the possibility. It allows a more gentle transition from where I was to a new perspective.

In rock climbing, the recommended technique requires you to have 3 of your 4 hands and feet on the rock at all times. You don't let go of the previous hold until the limb that is moving has a solid purchase on the new hold.

This is the only way a change of perspective can happen. If you can see where you are, but consider the possibility of where you are going, then you can work your way up to holding both perspectives within you simultaneously. You will then see distinctions that were previously invisible that make both perspectives understandable (also known as multiperspectivity). At that point, it is safe to let go of the old perspective and embrace the new one.

But it can only happen if you first consider the possibility…


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