You must first “consider the possibility” before change can happen
The more we know, the more we know we don’t know

The three essential truths: humans are social, deceptive, and adapted for the infinite game

As I've been researching and reflecting on the core of human existence, I believe three essential truths combine to explain why we act the way we do:

  1. Humans are social creatures. we are wired to connect. Thus, relationships are critically important.
  2. Our unique human superpower is to envision concepts that do not exist in the real world. Our big brains are essentially deception engines. We are so good at this that we can deceive ourselves and not even realize it. Continual awareness and practice are required to regulate our attention and separate fact from fiction.
  3. Humans—like other social creatures—are adapted to participate in the infinite game. You couldn't screw over your tribe mates without consequence. Yet we've created a society where it's possible to do that and still survive. This is the key to why we collectively are struggling.


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