The problem with judgement: it leads to bias
The Dalai Lama on our inner critic

The acceptance gap

For any event in your life, there is an acceptance gap. It is the time between the event happening and your acceptance of the event.

[Note that acceptance does not mean approval.]

Your death is a form of acceptance. So there may be some events for which you never quite get to full acceptance.

Some events you get to an almost immediate acceptance. 

And then there's everything in between.

I am trying to shorten the acceptance gap as much as possible for all events in my life. Radical acceptance is sometimes used to describe this.

Acceptance also doesn't mean denial, minimization, rationalization, toxic positivity, or any other defense mechanism that prevents you from fully confronting the event, allowing any feelings that come up, working through them with full attention, then letting them go.

What can you do to shorten your own acceptance gap?


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